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 Full publication list: January 2016

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Information-driven Self-organisation (IDSO)   Books
Complex Networks and Applied Multi-agent Systems   Journal papers
"Ageless" Aerospace Vehicles (2002-2006)   Book chapters
RoboCup Simulation (1998-2003 and 2012-2016)   Fully-reviewed conference papers
Logic of Actions, Reasoning, Causality (1996-2006)   Patents
Various (1987-1997)   Manuscripts, reports and workshop papers


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MathSciNet MR Erdös Number = 4

 Mikhail Prokopenko  coauthored with  Albert Y. Zomaya

 Lizier, Joseph T.; Prokopenko, Mikhail; Zomaya, Albert Y. Local information transfer as a spatiotemporal filter for complex systemsPhys. Rev. E (3) 77 (2008), no. 2, 026110.

 Albert Y. Zomaya  coauthored with  Stephan Olariu
 Olariu, Stephan; Pigli, E.; Zomaya, A. Y. A time- and cost-optimal algorithm for channel routing. Theoretical computer science (Ravello, 1995), 102-117, World Sci. Publ., River Edge, NJ, 1996.
 Stephan Olariu  coauthored with  Dieter Kratsch  
 Babel, Luitpold; Kloks, Ton; Kratochvil, Jan; Kratsch, Dieter; Müller, Haiko; Olariu, Stephan. Efficient algorithms for graphs with few P4's. Combinatorics (Prague, 1998). Discrete Math. 235 (2001), no. 1-3, 29-51.
 Dieter Kratsch  coauthored with  Paul Erdős

 Erdős, Paul; Gimbel, John; Kratsch, Dieter. Some extremal results in cochromatic and dichromatic theory. J. Graph Theory 15 (1991), no. 6, 579--585.


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