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Topics we covered in the last series.

 Date  Title  Presenter  Affiliation
 18/02/08 Emergence of genetic coding: an information-theoretic model Mikhail Prokopenko CSIRO ICT Centre
 25/02/08 Environmental structure and evolutionary adaptation - Ashby's Law of Requisite Variety revisited Oliver Obst CSIRO ICT Centre
 05/03/08 (Wed) Detecting non-trivial computation in complex dynamics Joseph Lizier CSIRO ICT Centre and University of Sydney
 10/03/08 Evolving coordinated group behaviors through maximization of mean mutual information Valerio Sperati Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies, CNR, Rome, Italy
 17/03/08 Information-cloning of scale-free networks Mahendra Piraveenan CSIRO ICT Centre and University of Sydney

Easter Monday

 31/03/08 Self-repairing modular robots Daniel Barrett UNSW and CSIRO ICT Centre
 28/04/08 Simulating self-assembly of nano-sensors Gibson Hu / Ying Guo UTS and CSIRO ICT Centre
 05/05/08 Stochastic gradient methods for online learning Nicol Schraudolph National ICT Australia
 12/05/08  Growing artificial societies - a review Astrid Zeman CSIRO ICT Centre

Optimising sensor layouts

Rosalind Wang CSIRO ICT Centre

Homeotaxis: coordination with persistent time-loops

Mikhail Prokopenko CSIRO ICT Centre

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