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 Date  Title  Presenter  Affiliation

Information-theoretic modelling of scaling in communication systems

Dr. Mikhail Prokopenko CSIRO ICT Centre
 04/12/2009 Information transfer in recurrent neural networks  Dr. Oliver Obst CSIRO ICT Centre
 11/12/2009 Information and assortativity in directed networks   Mahendra Piraveenan University of Sydney and CSIRO ICT Centre   

Christmas break

 08/01/2010  Hierarchical connectivity and criticality in large scale networks of spiking neurons Mikail Rubinov University of New South Wales and CSIRO ICT Centre   
 12/02/2010   Information geometry as a framework for cognitive systems theory Dr. Nihat Ay Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in The Sciences, Leipzig, Germany
 19/03/2010   Lexicographic Optimization: A new old principle and applications to surface reconstruction and segmentation Prof. Peer Stelldinger University of Hamburg, Germany
 26/03/2010   Unifying Distance Metric Learning with Linear Filters Dr. Simon Lucey CSIRO ICT Centre, ARC Futrure Fellow
 23/04/2010    Analysis of ant-based and slime-based networking protocols Prof. Louis F. Rossi Department of Mathematical Sciences, Univeristy of Delaware, USA
 21/05/2010   Distributed Dynamical Computation in Neural Circuits with Propagating Coherent Activity Patterns Dr. Pulin Gong University of Sydney

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